Wednesday, 13 November 2019

North America is still the epicentre

Thank God for that! 'What's this, boss?' PR email, Voice. 'Yeah. Yeah. About what?' Uh. Let me have a look ...

Er, global VC funding or something ...

Ah! -

North America continued to attract the major chunk of global venture capital (VC) funding during the third quarter (Q3) of 2019, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Yeah, it's GlobalData again. They're all right. 'And Aurojyoti Bose again!' Yeah. He's all right.

North America accounted for 48.5% of the global VC investment volume and 52.4% of the investment value in Q3 2019, followed by Asia-Pacific (APAC) with 29.7% and 28.7% of the global VC investment volume and value, respectively.

Fair enough.

Despite none of the countries witnessing billion-dollar funding during Q3 2019 and the prevailing economic and geopolitical uncertainties in some of the countries, the global VC funding activity remained strong. The growth was primarily driven by strong VC funding in North America and Europe. On the other hand, VC funding activity in APAC remained weak.

Oh, there's a lot of this.

North America witnessed 61.4% growth in VC investment volume and 21.3% growth in value in Q3 2019 compared to Q3 2018, primarily driven by increase in VC funding activity in the US.

The US witnessed announcement of several US$100m+ deals during Q3 2019. Some of the notable deals include US$785m raised by JUUL Labs, US$400m raised by Knotel and US$370m raised by Urban Compass.

Europe registered 80.9% growth in VC investment value in Q3 2019 as compared to Q3 2018, which was the highest among all the regions. It also reported the second highest growth in the number of VC investments.

Right. That's enough. Make sense of it if you can, dear reader(s). 'Ha! It's not complicated. And anyone can make sense of it if they have the will, boss.' Yes, well, that counts me out then. I only want to talk about music. 'But this is a finance blog.' Tell me about it!

Oh, something on Brexit -

Aurojyoti Bose, Lead Analyst at GlobalData, comments: "Europe's strong VC funding activity amidst uncertainty around Brexit is noteworthy and can be attributed to several countries other than the UK also gaining significant investors' attention."

Yeah. Which I'm not interested in BECAUSE(!) ... we don't discuss Brexit here.

And that really is enough now, I should think. Even imagine. 'Let Bose conclude, boss!' Christ!

Bose concludes: "Economic slowdown and ongoing trade war with the US caused VC investors to be cautious while committing large investments in China. As economic and geopolitical uncertainty, trade war among different countries and uncertainty around Brexit are unlikely to abate soon, VC investors will continue to remain cautious while making investments over the next few quarters."



Anything else, dear reader(s)? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Listen! Music. Yes, music. So? This is a music blog, man. Deal with it! / Okay, okay. I wrote a POWERFUL new rock tune last night, oh, in about a minute, BUT(!) as I was playing it I thought to myself ... This sounds familiar. Well, I realized that it sounded a lot like my song I'm Right Inside. Only slower, and ... better! So what have I done? I've just slotted the old lyric straight into the new tune. And without making any changes! 'Brilliant, Mikey!' Yes, Voice, it is.*

With reminds me of my piano teacher at school, Mr Brown. He once went through a book of Beatles lyrics I had and just improvised a completely new piece of music to Cry Baby Cry, on the spot, like - well, he was improvising - and ... it was very good, too!

Which reminds of Adam Faith in Stardust, "He didn't get where he was because he was more talented than anybody else. It's a lot of crap talk about rock and roll. He just wanted to be more famous than anybody else, that's all. He still does."

Later(s), rock fan(s)!

*It's easily the best rock song this century. So ... 'That's not saying much. Rock music is dead.' Don't depress me, idiot!