Tuesday, 5 November 2019

I don't feel finance

Not today I don't. I just don't feel finance, you dig?

[I'm a bit angry.]

So ... music? Yes!

I'm playing some Elliott Smith songs, again ...

Between the Bars
Alphabet Town
Talking to Mary
Go By
Miss Misery


And, listen! ... I don't feel ideology, left or right, you dig? It makes me puke, all of it. You ain't no human being, you're a robot!

[A bad robot. Keep reading for the good robot.]

To whom it may concern, like.

But, but, BUT(!) ... how do you fight it, with the world being the way it is? Ha, ha, ha! Let me tell you: You, YOU(!) ... dedicate yourself to an art, like, uh ... Picasso. 'Wasn't he a communist, boss?' No, Voice. He pretended to be, BUT(!) ... the people who knew him best said he was completely apolitical and only cared about ... [drum roll] ... ART - !!!

Don't be a mug! That's today's message.

Realize one day ... you will die.



This is where I come in, because, at the age of fifty, playtime is over. Do you dig me, kook(s)?

Also ...

I have to thank David Goggins for his brilliant audiobook. I mean, I was struggling with the Vance/Musk one, and the 10X one. They didn't help me enough, man. But Can't Hurt Me is all I need. And I do need it because the world is always trying to break people. Everyone needs help, these days. Picasso didn't have the distractions we have today.

Anyway ... what else?

Jesus, I don't know ...

Oh, don't watch TV. Oh, you want to be programmed? Ha! Go ahead! It's your funeral.

Listen! Find an audiobook. One that will change your life. Listen to it ... all the time. Tell the world to do one!

That's good programming, you dig?

Ah, good robot. I love you!

Just super ... human - !!!

So ... work on your art. 'Yes!' Listen to the audiobook. 'Yes!' It ain't rocket science.


ACTUALLY ... it doesn't even have to be an art, man, if you're not that way inclined.

Listen to me! ... It just has to be an activity that lifts you up and away from everyone else.

Be uncommon amongst common, and even ... uncommon amongst uncommon.

You dig?

Christ! Why do you think Goggins ran 260 miles or something the other weekend? He wasn't doing it for the sake of his health.

Wake up - !!!

If you ain't taking souls, you're taking it up the arse.