Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Brendan McDonagh is leaving HSBC!

He wanted to be the top man, you see. Oh, Brendan McDonagh was/is the top executive of HSBC in North America. But that wasn't good enough. Now he is leaving in August to find himself. That's what I would do. I have done it, in fact. Left places to find myself in other places. Blood aching eyes. Niall Booker will replace him. He's only fifty-one, both of them, that is. They are so young!

O Master, not Niall, he won't know the desert love. But Brendan, yes, he is young, and he will find forever changes in the desert, if that's what he wants.

O my child, we do not know what he wants. We do not know the desires that this man has in his heart. He has not spoken of his plans. End of July, not August. Or August. I do not know. I do not care. Time means nothing.

It's for the best. How could he stay, knowing there was another way?

I'll be going to St Ives soon. Just for a week, maybe next week. I haven't been to Cornwall for four years, but I'm obsessed with the place. I once went for eight weeks. January to March, 1991. Near Talland Bay. Of course, there is no desert in Cornwall, but it is a mystical place. I won't even touch Devon. Only Cornwall!

O Master, let's get back to Mr McDonagh.

No, let's stay on Cornwall. Do you know there is an Owlman in Cornwall? Like a sort of Mothman, but an owl-based creature instead. Half man, half owl. Still, it could be worse. Imagine if he were half man, half biscuit!

Oh, that would be terrible!

My best moment in Cornwall was in July 2002. Actually, there were two great moments. I'm not sure about the dates. There's a massive beach called Porth Kidney Sands, between St Ives and Hayle. Anyway, I was standing on that beach, almost completely deserted, even in summer, and staring at the sea, listening to the first fifty seconds of All I Wanna Do by The Beach Boys, over and over again, for about half an hour. And it's not crap surfing music. It's the sublime, mature music from their greatest album Sunflower, which is my favourite album by anyone. Although Pacific Ocean Blue comes close, in second place. But I got high on the sea and that piece of music, just the first fifty seconds, over and over again. The other great moment was definitely in July 2002. I was sitting on a bench about seven in the evening. In front of me was the sun and the sea, a beautiful day, but behind me was the moon in a dark night over a graveyard. Both at the same time! It made me realize that we have death in life, with us all the time.

That's deep, man.

By the way, it's not the first thirty seconds, but the music between 0.30 and 0.50. Just those twenty seconds! But you can take it all the way to 1.30, if you want to. Brian Wilson was shit hot on that track, even after his breakdown. Like Mozart! Although Dennis steals the show on the album as a whole. But it's the most amazing music you will ever hear. Just twenty seconds! Music from God.