Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Miles Geldard and Lee Manzi will join Jupiter Asset Management ...

... to escape the madness, the sheer insanity, at RWC Partners.

Good luck, lads! Good luck with your global convertible and global multi-asset strategies. Sounds pretty exciting. But out of the frying pan into the fire! There are just as many astral lunatics at Jupiter, you know. Maybe more. There is no escape!

Is Mike Corcell really that bad? Is Cedric de Fonclare any better?

But I understand, lads. Oh, I understand.

Sometimes I get all sick in the head too. Sick of the burning sand in my mouth, choking me with mystic love. Sick of flames, wild passions. Sick of the mystical children. Sick of flying high in the friendly astral sky. Sick of the cosmos vibrating for me. And the voices? Oh, the voices rarely stop. I get the occasional minute to myself. This is the shaman's life. No wonder Gillian doesn't really want to join me in the desert. Bound upon a wheel of fire! Not really her cup of tea. Last week was a one off. I had a great time though. So did she. But she won't admit that. Back to her square world now. She's just as lost as I am. At least I know it. O Gillian, take me with you! Why must we suffer like this, torn between the cold earth and the burning plane?