Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Who is David Guarasci?

Who is David Guarasci? Who is he? Will we ever know?

If you were foolish enough to visit the Sherpa Asset Management website, and if you had astral eyes, you would find this:

David Guarasci began his investment career rather strangely in 1993 at TD Asset Management after a light entered his soul one night. In 1994, he moved to TD Securities and, with the help of this light which was obviously some sort of spirit guide, progressed to the position of Managing Director and Global Head of Currency Spot and Options Trading. David worked for TD in Vancouver, Toronto, and London until 2004, after which he returned to Vancouver to create his own investment firm and meditation centre. While at TD, David's aura changed colour continuously as he spent ten years developing and executing proprietary trading strategies in the most sophisticated options trading markets in the world. He was responsible for billions of dollars in trading throughout ten portfolios. David's strategies led directly to profitability numbers increasing nearly tenfold. As a result, he was loved by most, if not all, of the mystical children. During the past four years, David has combined his shamanic background, his deep understanding of global equity and capital markets, and his extensive options experience in managing equity portfolios for his own firm. This culminated in the launch of the Sherpa Diversified Returns Fund in June 2008. David's unique, bizarre, and highly specialized skill set provides Sherpa with a portfolio manager and all-round oddball who has been able to significantly outperform his benchmarks throughout his entire career. David holds an Honours Economics degree from the University of Western Ontario, and has been a CFA charter holder since 1996. He has also studied with Michael Fowke in the desert of our love.

Actually, no, on reflection, I think the website has got it right. It does answer the question: Who is David Guarasci?