Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Eddie Benson is going to be head of European sales trading at BTIG

I don't know when, exactly. Probably quite soon. They've created this sales trading position for him, the characters at BTIG. And see if you can dig this: 'In an industry that has become increasingly driven by low-touch, automated matching and execution services, BTIG is powered by something more intelligent and discerning - financial shamans. Shamans whose passion is trading and who apply their depth of soul, mystical insight, and vast network of global relationships with assorted kooks to give institutional investors an advantage in today's challenging market environment.' All pretty surprising for me because I've never heard of BTIG - well, not until today. It just shows you how far the revolution has spread. It's WAY(!) out of my control now.

Of course, I have absolutely no idea who Eddie Benson is. 'Mikey, he could be Eddie Munster for all we know.' Quite. / He used to work at Rowe and Pitman/SG Warburg, and Deutsche Bank, but what does that tell us? 'Nothing, man. Absolutely nothing. We'll have to examine him under an astral moon.' Oh, Voice, you're dreaming of the desert again. 'Yes, I'm dreaming - again.' The desert is dead, over. 'Because you keep going a-ROUND. That's all you care about.' I had to find something to fill the emptiness. Soon, I'll be GONE. We'll all be GONE. 'Beyond the THREE, Mikey?' Where else? 'I hope you know what you're doing. The mystical children have followed you this far. We're all family.' I won't let anyone down, Voice. It's an eternal revolution. We'll keep going.

So, well, er. Another lunch, another conceptual. / On, and on, and on ... 'Tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther.' Yes. / 'Vegetable samosas?' Yes. 'A can of Pepsi?' Yes. 'That blackcurrant cheesecake thing?' Yes. 'Oh, I wish I had a mouth, and a stomach. I wish I were more than a voice in the head of a prophet.' / And one fine morning ...