Tuesday 6 November 2012

Has Wayne Leslie been hired by Brevan Howard Asset Management?

Well, it's not really important. What we should be asking - yes, "we" - is: Who is Wayne Leslie? / Some people like to believe that he's a credit trader who recently left Goldman Sachs. 'Mikey!' What, Voice? 'Didn't that hellish Hirak Biswas leave Credit Suisse to join Brevan Howard?' Yes, he did. 'What on earth is going on, man?!' Nothing is going on, Voice. If Brevan Howard wants to snatch these traders away from banks, it's none of our business. And if the traders want - 'Oh, a big "if", Mikey. A very big "if".' What?! 'You said it yourself. They've been snatched!!!' It's just a figure of speech. Listen, I want to know, my readers want to know, who this Wayne Leslie actually is. 'But we don't even know who Hirak Biswas is yet!' Yes we do. 'He ain't human.' Oh, and what are you then? 'Well ...' Voices in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Where was I? / Right, my songs. I don't think I'm going to be ready until after Christmas now, which is a whole year later than planned. (Where does the time go?) And I know what you're thinking: 'He only needs three songs for a demo. What's the deal with this guy?' Well, I've already explained. They've got to be great songs. There's no point in approaching publishers with normal, average songs. / I refuse to write trash like that William Blake. 'Tyger feet, I really love your tyger feet.' Ridiculous! 'That wasn't me, by the way, quoting. I would have got it right.' Shut it, Voice!

I'll put the songs on my blog. I may as well use the internet. And publishers don't accept unsolicited demos these days, so it's probably the only way to reach them.

Update (4.00pm): I only had cheese rolls for lunch, but I've got vegetable samosas for tomorrow - so that's something to look forward to. The supermarket is now selling eight cans of Coke for £2.