Monday, 12 November 2012

John W. Henry doesn't want anything to do with outside capital

In fact, any outside capital he has he's returning to the investors who gave it to him. 'That's serious, man.' Yeah, it's serious. Like a heart attack. Or toothache. / John W. Henry ain't messing around. And you know what? I actually think he's doing the right thing. Sometimes (normally when there's a shitstorm going on) you have to cut yourself off from the rest of the world. Why? Well, to stay sane, to hold on to what you've got (money, position, and power) and, er ... all kinds of reasons. / Of course, if you're a blogger - as an example - I'm not suggesting you put up a paywall or something totally nuts like that. (Let's be reasonable here.) However, you don't have to get into a relationship with every schmoozing phoney or smug moron who happens to take a fancy to you either, you dig? Be superior, like old Julius Caesar. 'What are you going on about, Mikey? You write in riddles!' That's my style, Voice. Don’t knock it.


I'm working in the night again, and listening to Eno's Apollo again. I'm a monster of habit.

I'll have another go at the lyrics later today, after lunch. I don't know what yet. Hopefully, Tesco will have the cheese sandwich with the red onion.


How is it possible to have any honour in such a corrupt world? / Was Julius Caesar corrupt? Yes. But I like to think he was responding to the corruption of others, the lesser mortals that surrounded him. He had a higher purpose. It wasn't all wine, women, and song with him. He wanted immortality. And he got it.

Caesar wasn't incompetent. And he wasn't an idiot. He wasn't interested in the superficial. We can forgive the corruption, I think. / He came from a privileged background. We can forgive that too. It didn't create his success. (It helped though.) His sort of success comes mainly from personality.

These are just night thoughts, you understand, dear reader(s), for my own amusement. There's nothing to ponder. You don't have to draw any conclusions.