Thursday, 29 November 2012

Sutesh Sharma will get the money

Why is everyone wetting their pants? Sutesh has got $200 million. He'll get the whole $500 million, no problem. I blame Toby, myself. That git is still refusing to change his name. What's the deal with this guy? Doesn't he understand that it's only business? He needs a name like "Richard" or "David" or "Michael". You know, something mature and adult. You can't go around calling yourself "Toby", not if you want to make it in the hedge fund business. No wonder investors don't want to put their money up.

Let's remember, Portman Square Capital was a hedge fund that didn't even exist. / Some people say Mr Sharma is a nutcase. I like to think of him as a visionary. He pulled Portman out of thin air! Now, there's a real danger it may go back into thin air. We can't have this. We've got to support our hedgies in the present climate. We've got to support our visionaries. / Or let's call it a day, yeah? I mean, do you want to dismantle civilization and go back to living in caves? Because that's what our socialistic enemies want. We must fight! Never give in. Never, never, never!


I've been listening to my Gilly Marie demo recording. It's a bit rough around the edges, not perfect, maybe a couple of guitar mistakes, but I'm keeping it. The recording has vitality. Quite often a perfect recording can seem lifeless.

I'm looking forward to next year. / Optimism is rare for me. However, I have something to be optimistic about. Even with the country falling apart. Obviously, individuals have got to look after themselves. If you're in hell, you can always make your small part of hell bearable.