Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Odey Asset Management's UK Absolute Return fund is doing all right

See if you can dig this: I launched Odey Asset Management in 1991 with some crazy ass "owners" approach and have worked hard to build an investment team and a client base who share these beliefs. Today we manage roughly $6.6 billion for many of the world's leading investors and have an exceptional performance record across our conventional and hedge fund portfolios. 'Eh?' No, that's not me. That's Crispin, man. 'Thank Christ, Mikey! I thought you had lost your freakin' mind.' No, Voice. I'm quite sane.

But what about this UK Absolute Return fund?! 28 per cent return this year! I bet Crispin won't be giving any money back to any goddamn investors. 'He'd be a fool to.' And Crispin ain't no fool.

By the way, dear reader(s), if you want a good laugh, maybe you should pop over to the Odey website. (I ain't got the link. Laziness, I'm afraid.) What are those pictures all about? Flying away in a beautiful balloon? The desert? Icebergs? Mountains? 'It's fucking crazy, Mikey.' Well, that's just your opinion, Voice. I'm sure Crispin had a good reason to put them on the site.


I can't stop playing Neil Young's new song, Ramada Inn. It's up there with Cortez The Killer and Like A Hurricane. Amazing! The lyrics are pretty simple, and would probably look silly written down, but they're brilliant with the music, really emotional. When I hear good shit like this, it makes me think I want to be more than just a writer for other artists. Neil Young is sixty-seven. I'm forty-three. My singing is much better than it was in the old days. My guitar playing is improving. I want to play the piano again. I want to write songs like this, man.

Same stuff for lunch. Cheese rolls and that. Don't worry about it. Then a conceptual, No. 73. / I'm planning a big one for the Christmas period. I'm going to put a lot of work into it. Maybe as much as fifty hours. I want to write a masterpiece. / No. 36 (Firestorm) is the best one so far. / I can't believe there are idiots around (not a-ROUND) still wittering on about novels. But what can you do? I refuse to live in the past. I'll keep on moving into the future.