Thursday, 8 November 2012

Jonathan Schmugge is doing all right at Z Capital Management

Imagine my surprise when I found out that Mr Schmugge had just been promoted at Z Capital, a couple of hours ago. He had been a managing director. 'Is that all?' Yes, but now he's a senior managing director. 'Oooh!' And a partner. 'Oh.' Yes, a partner. He's also the chief financial officer. 'Bloody hell!' Yeah. He's responsible for Z Capital's accounting shit. 'Pretty impressive, Mikey.' Yes, Voice, it is.

That's all the news for today. I'm tired of news: it goes on forever. Was there anything else you wanted, dear reader(s)? / Have you read my latest conceptual post yet, the satanic No. 69? It's more important than any news you'll read. The news is here today, and it is gone tomorrow. However, you can't wrap your chips in it, not on the internet. 'Shame.' Yes, shame. I'm in the mood for some chips. I suppose I'll have to settle for cheese rolls.

Mystery Train. That's a good song. And Gimme Shelter, or Robert Johnson's Love In Vain. They have a certain quality. They don't sound like songs that have been written by a human. They sound like they have been brought into existence by some supernatural power. / If I can do tomorrow what I did yesterday ...

I want to be like Robert Johnson. I want to reach something beyond myself. I've managed it here on this blog. I've just got to transfer it to my music now.