Thursday, 22 November 2012

OMG Capital is calling it quits

I'm listening to the greatest Christmas album ever recorded. I'm talking about Phil Spector's Christmas album. Someone really should bust him out of jail so we can get some decent music in the charts again.

Right, down to boring financial business. Oh My God Capital is calling it quits. Yes, another hedge fund bites the dust. Hardly anyone can make money in this environment. Crispin Odey can, of course. But he's the only one, well, one of the few.

What is the secret of Crispin's success? 'It's got to be those absurd pictures on his website, Mikey.' I don't know, Voice. There's got to be more to it than that. 'I swear there's something mystical going on, man.' What, with the pictures? Are you saying they attract money? 'Maybe. Have you spoken to Crispin about them?' No, I haven't. But I guess I'll have to now. I'm intrigued, Voice. 'Aren't we all, Mikey? We're all intrigued.'


I reckon it will be No. 82 at Christmas, the big one I'm planning. / Yes. [No. 82] Outlaw. That sounds good. / It will have three sections, each section comprising of three paragraphs. All spinning a-ROUND! I can't wait! / About fifty hours work.

I think my guitar playing is improving because I play every day now. Even if it's only for half an hour. It stops your fingers going soft.

I'll be ready with the music after Christmas. Probably mid to late January. A year behind schedule, but so what? Quality takes time. / I'm feeling reasonably optimistic about next year. I'll have my three (great) songs. I'll have over eighty conceptuals. Who could ask for more? Well, I could, obviously. I'm never satisfied, and I'm going to need more than three songs once I really get going.

Cheese rolls for lunch.

No. 74 later.

Laters ...