Thursday, 1 November 2012

Knight Capital is giving the trading a rest for a while because of the weather

Very sensible. That's what I would do. And there's more to life than making money, anyway. When I went out to Chiswick the other day, I was walking around in the sunshine, and I thought to myself: what a lovely summer's day! These are the things we'll remember. Though you weren't there. / One night in Looe in September, there was an amazing sunset. The sky was salmon pink, and the sea looked like liquid silver. I wasn't thinking of money. I don't know what you were thinking about. But you weren't there.

'They had to be there, Mikey.' Voice, they had to be there, everywhere, and here. 'Yes.' At least they're here now, for a moment. 'Thank the Lord!' You know, you might be right. Oh, we should thank the Lord. Without the Lord we wouldn't be anywhere. 'Every man should eat and drink and enjoy the gift of all his labour, it is the gift of God.' Ecclesiastes, Voice? 'You bet!' Well, life is a fountain of delight, but where the rabble also drinks all wells are poisoned. 'Nietzsche, Mikey?' You bet! 'The man was a fucking nutter!' Yeah. 'What about his sister?!' Can you forget his sister, please?

Cheese rolls for lunch, some crisps, blackcurrant cheesecake thing, and a can of Pepsi. I actually prefer Coke ... well, you know. / I'll be working on No. 67 later. And tomorrow? Maybe lyrics. I'm not sure yet. All depends on how I'm feeling. / Laters.