Sunday, 17 January 2016

Societe Generale announces the new SG CTA Mutual Fund Index!

Yes, it's the Sunday afternoon PR email, back by popular demand. 'You keep saying that, boss.' I know I do, Voice. And I'm not going to stop saying it because everyone loves these posts, man. 'Whatever.'

Let us see -

Societe Generale Prime Services today [Sunday? No, this was last week, reader(s) ... never mind, eh?] announced the creation of the new SG CTA Mutual Fund Index, a performance benchmark for 1940 Act U.S. registered mutual funds that pursue managed futures strategies.

The new CTA Mutual Fund Index is the fourth daily index designed and calculated by Societe Generale. The Prime Services daily indices are an industry leading suite of performance benchmarks, based on the largest CTA programs. The indices calculate the daily rate of return for an equally weighted group of the largest CTAs (by assets) that are open to new investment and provide daily data.

The new CTA Mutual Fund Index was effective as of the 1st January 2016 and includes the ten largest CTA Mutual Funds. The constituents are single manager programmes and include both directly managed and sub-advised mutual funds. The constituents' programmes are diversified futures and/or currency based strategies and may include both systematic and discretionary management styles.

The CTA Mutual Fund Index values will be based on the performance of the institutional share classes with dividends reinvested, and three years of performance history will be provided at inception.

James Skeggs, Global Head Financial Shaman of Alternative Investments Consulting at Societe Generale Prime Services commented: "We are excited to announce the addition of the new SG CTA Mutual Fund Index to the suite of our daily indices. And, personally, it's a dream come true for a kook like me. The 40 Act CTA mutual fund space has grown at an impressive pace, increasing more than five-fold in the last five years to exceed $22 billion in assets under management by the end of 2015. We are delighted to present the new Index as a benchmark for the fast growing liquid alternatives CTA strategies. Ha! I'm so over the moon it's untrue. We welcome the 2016 SG CTA Mutual Fund Index constituents and thank them for their help in the Index launching process. And I want to thank my Master, Michael Fowke."

Well, well ... I'm sure it all means something to somebody. I don't really have anything to add. I just wish them all the best, you know? This mutual fund index sounds really exciting, and I'm sure the world needs it. I mean, Societe Generale wouldn't want to waste everyone's time, would it?


Anything else? Music? I'm listening to Bowie's Blackstar. I have to say a lot of it sounds like it was influenced by acts that Bowie himself would have influenced thirty years ago, bands like Radiohead and Joy Division. That's okay though. 'He was influenced by himself, through a third party.' Eh?! 'Bowie to band to Bowie.' Whatever.

My music? I messed up with some of my music publishers posts. Some of the ones I posted weren't really good enough, and some of the ones I deleted I shouldn't have deleted. 'Christ!' Yeah. But it doesn't matter too much because most publishers just refuse to listen - even if it's the work of a genius. 'Ha!' / I've found a couple of smaller publishers who do listen, so I might try them ... soon. I want to write a few more songs first.

Oh, I'm going to watch the Nirvana MTV Unplugged DVD later. / Imagine Kurt Cobain without the rest of the band (he is alone on one song). That's how I would like to do acoustic gigs*. He could have "made it" on his own, man. He's more impressive than any other acoustic performer I've seen. And it's nothing to do with skill, guitar, voice. 'He's not the greatest musician, boss.' No, Voice. It's just his charisma and intensity.

*This will be the final option. At the moment I'm content to stay as a YouTube artist and I'll probably be adding more songs at a later date, especially if I manage to write some big Dylan-style songs like Mr Tambourine Man, Visions of Johanna, etc.