Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The Schroder GAIA Global Macro Bond fund?

This fund is managed by Bob Jolly. / I'm sure you remember Mr Jolly, dear reader(s). He's not one of the Mr Men characters. He's a genuine fund manager at Schroders. And the head of global macro strategy.

The thing is, one of my spies/chivatos tells me that Mr Jolly's Schroder GAIA Global Macro Bond fund has been closed down. Recently? I don't know. I've Googled it and I can't find any evidence of its being shut. 'Er ... this spy of yours, boss. Is it one of the mystic kooks, because those wankers are -' No, Voice, it's a fund manager, at another firm. 'Someone is having a laugh, boss. One of Mr Jolly's enemies, no doubt. With a name like that he's bound to have enemies.' Maybe, Voice.

Of course, if this is a hoax, all I've got to do is make a phone call to a friend of mine. A fund manager by the name of Mike Corcell. 'Shit! If you can find him ...' Oh, I'll find him. And I'll tell him an ex-colleague of his (who he hates, by the way) has been giving me grief. 'What do you think Mike will do?' Knowing Mike, he'll lose his temper. 'Will he bite the guy?' Ha! Being bitten will be the least of his worries.

Anyway, I've emailed my chivato back, and he hasn't replied yet. 'Dodgy.' Yes, I smell a rat. I really do. I hope for his sake the Schroder GAIA Global Macro Bond fund has been shut.