Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Stephen Cucchiaro? ... 3EDGE Asset Management?!

There's no need to get upset, dear reader(s). It's just the word "edge" in capitals with a "3" before it. Mr Cucchiaro is perfectly within his rights. 'Ha!' It's actually a new hedge fund the crazy cat has founded. [In Boston, of all places!] A macro one, if you can believe it. [Try to believe, please!] They say it will use ETFs and derivatives to make bets on ... something or other. Probably something global. Our Stephen is that sort of guy.

Obviously, I wish him all the best. We don't have enough hedge funds in this world. A new one is always welcome. My only concern is ... DeFred Folts III - !!! 'What, boss?!' Who, Voice. It's a ... who. 'Christ!' Exactly.

Jesus! H! I've been looking at the LinkedIn profile of "DeFred Folts III". It is very disturbing. 'Tell me about it!' Okay. No one knows if he is a real man. 'Maybe a thought-form, Mikey. But what about the picture of him?' It's not him, man. I've seen the guy in the picture. He's an actor. He was a villain in an episode of Columbo. 'Yeah? Are you sure?' Well ... 'Have you signed in to LinkedIn?' No. 'But you're a member now!' Shut up! I'm keeping that quiet.

Well, well ... whatever, dear reader(s). If they're claiming this "DeFred Folts III" is a genuine person, a finance worker, one of the people at 3EDGE Asset Management, I'm going to trust them. 'Ha!' Sometimes you just have to trust. You can't go around accusing everyone of tricks and shenanigans.

Right. As I'm in a good mood, I think we'll let Bloomberg have the last word on our DeFred - This person is connected to 0 Board Members in 0 different organizations across 0 different industries. 'Bloody hell! Jokers!'


Anything else? 'Music?' Music! I'm listening to the last four songs of Bob Dylan's Bringing It All Back Home  ... BECAUSE(!) this might be my next challenge, man, writing and recording a demo to match ...

Mr Tambourine Man
Gates of Eden
It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

Dylan did it in 1965, and fifty years later no one else has done it. Oh, not because they haven't wanted to. They haven't been able to ...