Thursday, 3 March 2016

Driss Lamrani has got himself a new job at NewAlpha Asset Management

Well done, son! / Yeah, our Driss used to work at GLG Partners. And he's a financial shaman, too. 'Of course he is, with a name like that. Who was that other Driss, boss?' Er ... Driss Ben-Brahim. 'Are they related?' No. It's their first name, idiot! / By the way, dear reader(s), both Drisses are old friends of mine.

Not sure I've ever heard of NewAlpha Asset Management though. Have we heard of it, Voice? 'I'm not sure, man. I could have a look in your archive.' Oh, don't bother. It ain't important. This is from the website -

NewAlpha Asset Management offers a wide range of products and services. Through the intermediary of NewAlpha, qualified investors gain access to the most innovative and dynamic firms within the financial arena.

Nice one. / It's a French firm. Based in Paris.

I'm looking at Driss' LinkedIn profile now. Apparently, he has a firm of his own, Augmented Intelligence Investment Research Ltd. That will have to go. 'Why?' NewAlpha will want him to focus on his job with them. I mean, fair's fair. And it's no big deal. It will probably be a relief for our Driss. Not everyone can handle it. The stress. The loneliness. The responsibility. 'What are you going on about?' Running your own business. 'And you know?!' I have this blog. 'Christ!'

Well, it goes without saying that I wish him all the best. I wish you all the best, Driss! 'Wasted words, boss.' Shut up!


Anything else? Music? I've cut my new tune back to the original thirty seconds I was pleased with the other day. All the stuff I was tacking on to it was starting to make it sound totally shit like Bohemian Rhapsody or something. When you're trying to write a great song the temptation is to throw the kitchen sink in as well, but that always ends in disaster. / Obviously, songs have repetition in them, so I'll have to expand this thirty seconds and add variations. You know, a chord change here and there.

Well, laters, yeah? If I go to the pub tomorrow, I'll only have Cokes. Last week, one pint of Stella gave me a migraine that knocked me out for two days. It's a bloody joke!