Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Andrew Weir ... Who is he?!

Well, he's, uh ... Andrew Weir, obviously. I mean, that's just common sense, man. 'Tell us more than that, boss!' All right. He's a heavy-weight player. 'Maybe he should go on a diet then.' Don't judge him, Voice!

Yeah, yeah. PR email.

Top prime central London real estate investment advisory, London Central Portfolio, appoints former Foxtons chief, Andrew Weir as its new Chief Executive.

You see? 'Yeah. Nice one.'

London Central Portfolio has announced the appointment of heavy-weight player, Andrew Weir, as its new Chief Executive.

You see? 'Yes, I see.'

Andrew has an industry-wide reputation as a consummate professional in the property sector with over 30 years' experience.  He was involved from the early stages of setting up Foxtons to managing its growth and creating one of the best known brands in the industry, taking it from private ownership to private equity and initial public offering. He held the position of Managing Director Sales from 2014, managing 300 people and a £76m+ revenue portfolio, subsequently becoming Chief Sales Officer at Foxtons. The appointment by LCP was coordinated by real estate recruitment agent, Deverell Smith. Andrew will be supported by Liam Monaghan, recently promoted to Managing Director at LCP, having joined in 2013.

Naomi Heaton, founder and current Chief Executive, will become Chairman of the LCP Group of Companies. She will concentrate on the new joint venture established with APG, the Dutch-based pension fund, launching a new concept in prime central London accommodation. The JV has already acquired its first asset, the Harrington Hall Hotel in South Kensington.

Okay, okay. There's just one thing to clear up. 'What's that, boss?' Well, the small matter of individuals being delighted and excited. 'Is anyone delighted or excited?' Yes, that's the question. I, er - 'They normally are.' Oh, not always, Voice. You know we get the "thrilled" type occasionally. 'Oh, those guys. I hate those guys!' Why? 'Ha! Only joking, man.' There's nothing wrong with being thrilled. 'Of course there isn't.' As long as they're not disgusted. 'Does that happen?' I haven't known it to happen, no. The problem is, we may be getting dishonest characters who are pretending to be delighted or excited or thrilled when they're really ... disgusted. 'Jesus, yeah.' And there's nothing we can do about that. 'But they'll be found out eventually, won't they?' Maybe. I don't know.

Anyway, let's hear from Naomi ...

Naomi Heaton, LCP Group Chairman: "I am delighted that Andrew has taken on the role of Chief Executive at London Central Portfolio. He has unparalleled experience within the prime central London residential market, having been involved in the development of the Foxtons brand from its early days, through to private equity ownership and IPO. His experience spanning new business growth, team building and brand development will be an invaluable asset to LCP. I am looking forward to Andrew making a huge contribution to the growth, development and client service delivery of LCP, particularly at a time when the market faces unique challenges and opportunities. This will be a step change for the company, allowing me to focus on other areas of business development."

Well, she's delighted. 'Yeah. So she says.' Don't be like that. I trust her. Naomi sends me a lot of these PR emails. Even sent me a Christmas card once. 'It's Andrew Weir I'm worried about.' Ha! Well, that's another story.

Andrew Weir, Chief Executive LCP: "I am enormously excited to be joining such a well-regarded firm as LCP,  which has established an enviable reputation in the prime central London market, due to its exceptional buying expertise and industry knowledge. LCP has impressed me so much with its professionalism and dedication to service. I am really looking forward to using my experience gained during a 30 year tenure at Foxtons to help build the brand further and increase its market share. It is an honour to be taking the role on from Naomi Heaton, whose entrepreneurial and seasoned leadership has taken the company so far. I look forward to taking it on to the next stage of its development and guiding it through the uncharted territories that 2020 will undoubtedly bring."

Okay, okay. He's enormously excited. 'And you believe him?' Well ... 'I mean, it's a bit over the top, ain't it? Why can't he just say that he's excited like everyone else? Not all this "enormously excited" stuff. It's dodgy, boss.' It's not dodgy! Listen! I’m going to give our Andy the benefit of the doubt. 'Okay.'

You've got to trust people sometimes.


Anything else? Music? Well, hopefully, I'll be able to finish the lyric for And Rain Came Down this week. The music is cool, man. Catchy and commercial and that. I can't use Good Times now because ... people will think I'm off my rocker. Do you know what I mean?