Thursday, 26 March 2020

Refinitiv: Lipper European fund flows report - February 2020

What's this - ?! - ?! - ?! Er ... well, it should be obvious, man. It's another PR email report thing from Detlef and the gang. Christ.

Long-term mutual funds posted net inflows for February 2020.
The overall fund flows for mutual funds in Europe in February amounted to net inflows of €22.6 bn.
Bond funds (+€30.4 bn) were the best-selling individual asset type in the segment of long-term funds for February.
Equity Global (+€6.7 bn) was once again the best-selling sector among long-term funds for February.
Luxembourg (+€8.3 bn) was the fund domicile with the highest net inflows, followed by Ireland (+€4.2 bn) and Spain (+€2.4 bn).
This Is Not America.
PIMCO was the best-selling fund promoter for February overall, with net sales of €2.9 bn, ahead of Goldman Sachs (+€2.6 bn) and Fidelity (+€2.5 bn).
The 10 best-selling long-term funds gathered at the share-class level amounted to net inflows of €12.0 bn for February.
Amundi CA 12/03/2020 (C) (+€4.2 bn) was the best-selling individual long-term fund for February.

Okay, okay. / And now Detlef speaks ... - !!!

Detlef Glow, Lipper Head of EMEA Research at Refinitiv, comments: "European investors switched to a risk-off mode in February due to uncertainties over a possible shortage in supply chains caused by the outbreak of the coronavirus in China and the respective increased volatility on the global equity markets. Nevertheless, long-term mutual funds posted net inflows for the month.

"Bond funds (+€30.4 bn) were the best-selling asset type in the long-term mutual funds segment, followed by mixed-assets funds (+€6.2 bn), commodity funds (+€1.0 bn), and 'other' funds (+€0.1 bn). Conversely, equity funds (-€1.4 bn), real estate funds (-€2.3 bn), and alternative UCITS funds (-€4.3 bn) faced outflows. These fund flows added up to overall net inflows of €29.8 bn into long-term investment funds for February. ETFs contributed inflows of €3.2 bn to these flows."

Thanks, Detlef!


Anything else? Music? And Rain Came Down ... ? It's nearly finished. I wrote the first verse and pre-chorus lyric yesterday. I already had the chorus. This afternoon I'll write the second verse. / Now,  not only is the subject matter of the song pretty mystical, but the song seems to be writing itself in a mystical way. The words and the music. It's weird. However, I'm not complaining.

Oh, I'm happy that it's turning out to be another top song. Actually, I have more than I need. 'Didn't you once say that David Bowie had about thirty top songs, boss?' Hello, Voice! Well, yes. But I'm just talking about the first album. I mean, there isn't any room for And Rain Came Down on the album. Maybe it could be a single.

Yeah, kook(s), as I said, Bowie had about thirty top songs. I'm not talking world-beaters. I just mean classic hits like, uh ... Let's Dance, Starman, Fame, The Jean Genie, Golden Years, Modern Love, Absolute Beginners, Life on Mars?, Heroes, Ashes to Ashes, Young Americans, etc, etc. Bread-and-butter classics, as it were.

And, as I also said, your average run-of-the-mill artist/band/whatever only has three. Or two. I mean, from my media player ... The Best of Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel ... Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me) and Judy Teen. Just two! And ... The Best of Gallagher & Lyle ... Breakaway, Heart On My Sleeve, I Wanna Stay With You. Three! You see? You need more than that.