Sunday, 15 March 2020

Estate agents delivering leaflets at the end of the world

Oh, they'll be okay, I'm sure. They're like Keith Richards. Or cockroaches.

Yeah, uh ... I got a leaflet through the door this morning, from an estate agent. What was he even thinking?!

So, I'm writing. With a migraine. After engaging in hand-to-hand combat in my local supermarket.

It turns out that Shaun of the Dead was actually a documentary.

I still intend to record my demo. I've decided to finish writing And Rain Came Down instead of the latest tune. So ...

This World Don't Mean a Thing
And Rain Came Down

... will be it, hopefully. When it's done. Ha!

I'm not sure I'm cracked enough to launch my demo in the middle of a pandemic though.

I'll probably soft launch it. Meaning: I will put it in on my music blog that hardly anyone visits because there's nothing there, BUT(!) ... not promote my songs on Twitter. That way, if I die soon, people will still be able to discover the stuff I've spent years working on.

Yeah, yeah. When I'm gone, like.

However, after my birthday, I will be adopting what David Goggins calls the "savage mindset". I've got to survive. Or at least go out like a samurai.

I want to enjoy my birthday first - oh, coming soon ... as a normal, soft, clueless man. I want to savour the uselessness, and the weakness. You dig?

Okay, okay.

Herd immunity? Oh, it sounds great if you're one of the sheep. Well ... flock immunity? I don't know.

I'll be honest ... I don't want to talk about the government. Any government. Life is too short.

I'll play some music ...

When You Dance I Can Really Love. Neil Young. / I haven't even seen you dance. Maybe I never will.

Bury Me a G. Thug Life.

Common People. Pulp.

Oh! Sweet Nuthin'. The Velvet Underground.

All The Madmen. David Bowie.

Enjoy Yourself. The Specials.

That's enough.


I reckon my conceptuals will be interesting from now on. You can't control chaos. You may think you can. But ... it will come out. Yes.

If they stop the trains ... maybe I'll walk to St Ives. Like Goggins! / It will do me good. I might connect with God or the cosmos before I join the sea.

[I prefer the cosmos as a power.]


Listen! If there are any alien spaceships nearby, scanning the earth for signs of high consciousness ...

Someone they can relate to ...

I'm available!

Just saying, man.