Tuesday, 8 September 2020

I'm writing about music again

Because I don't want to write about finance, frankly.

[I've got a couple of PR emails. I might do them on Thursday - if I don't get some new ones, like.]

I've nearly finished that Oasis book. It's making me think about the music business and what I've got to do.

Just some thoughts ...

If you look at rock stars my age, you'll see that they are mostly making music for the fans that have been following them since they were young. I can't imagine they get many new fans when they release their albums these days.

[Actually, I remember at school ... my friends thought I was weird for being a massive John Lennon fan, before it was fashionable. They were all listening to Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet.]

And I've known for years what the solution to this problem is, and it's a hard and crazy one ... I really have to become the greatest ever songwriter.

[Because if I don't, I won't be any more popular or well known than Seasick Steve. And he's a great performer, by the way.]

My achievement has got to be shocking - in a nice way, obviously.

So, I'm not joking when I say I have to behave the way Elon Musk would ... if he were making music instead of building cars and rockets.

I probably need more energy. I mean, I've got to rehearse even more, man.

I need more time!

I hope to be ready by January. [November?! Maybe.]

I definitely need twenty songs for the first phase. It's no good just having the album, or the BIG TEN.

And there are two kinds of songs I need to write ...

I still believe Nothing is the greatest song ever written. It's the sort of song critics will like because of the lyrics and the, uh ... grandeur. Well, I need more songs like that!

And Stella. I need more songs like Stella. It's not just a very commercial song, it's a very well-written song - like Bacharach and David, but even better, yes.

[This Guy's In Love With You is Noel Gallagher's favourite song. One of my favourites, too!]

Oh ... last night I was listening to someone's demo on Twitter. It was truly awful, and yet his friends were saying, "Nice one, mate!" Stuff like that. They're not doing him any favours.


The hypnosis has helped a lot. I'm in control of my moods and my mind is fixed on music.

The final step is ... accepting that I can't have a normal life. That's the price that has got to be paid.

I don't have a normal life, kook(s).

But I have this fantasy, you see, about being "normal". Ha! It will never happen.

You're a kook ... ?

You know what I'm talking about ... ?

Well, laters.