Thursday, 10 September 2020

What on earth is Industry 4.0. - ?!

Well, well ...

Maybe Yotta Capital Partners can tell us ...

Paris, September 9th, 2020 - Yotta Capital Partners, the first French private equity team dedicated to Industry 4.0, announces the completion of the first closing of the Yotta Smart Industry fund at €101 million at the end of July, exceeding its initial objective. The fund is now targeting a final amount in excess of €120 million. Yotta Smart Industry will focus on French industrial SMEs to assist them in their transition towards the 4th Industrial Revolution megatrend, becoming more competitive, more international and more carbon efficient.

Or maybe not. 'Give them a chance, boss.' Why should I? 'Is this one of the PR emails you were saving from the other day.' Er ... this is from yesterday. 'Will you be doing one of the others later?' Christ! I will, yes ... unless I write about my music instead. 'But you've already written about your music twice this week!' So? So what?!

I might turn this into a music blog ...

Anyway ...

Convinced that the success of their future investments will only be achieved by putting human capital and ecological footprint at the centre of their actions, the three founding partners will support job creation in France and promote a culture of commitment. The ambition of this first vehicle is to create industrial SMEs 4.0 engaged in growth projects that create economic, social, environmental and financial value. The fund will invest between €1 and €10 million in equity in SMEs with revenues between €5 and €50 million. 

Ha! Well, I'm not convinced, dear reader(s). / Listen! The human race will carry on the way it has always done until civilization is destroyed and the survivors are living in caves. That's it. Deal with it! 'They're only talking about the success of their investments, boss.' They're talking about the fourth industrial revolution, Voice. 'Oh.' Megatrend something or other. I don't know.

Anyway, let's hear from Pierre, Xavier, and Benoit ...

Come on, speak!

Pierre Dejoux, Xavier Herrmann and Benoit Perrot, founding partners of Yotta Capital Partners: "We are delighted to announce this first closing today. The fund is the result of a long reflection on the challenges facing the industry and its impact on the environment, which is even more significant today. The current crisis shows the need to accelerate the local reindustrialization of our territories to create jobs in our regions, ensure our sovereignty and preserve the climate. We will support the managers of our SMEs, both in terms of investment and on the operational level, as they engage in the 4th industrial revolution, or the 'smart' industrial revolution. As part of their industrial transformation, Yotta will help to create value through external growth or international development, particularly through digitalization, decarbonization, the development of a circular economy and the shift towards a service-oriented business model."

Wow! That's impressive! All talking at the same time like that. 'They didn't get one word wrong, boss.' It's obvious that they've been rehearsing for weeks. I take my hat off to them. / Well done, lads!


Anything else? Music? I rewrote the lyric for I Want Everything yesterday. It didn't take long.

It's a very simple lyric, but it has a cool romantic atmosphere to it now. A bit like Byron's So, We'll Go No More A Roving.

A result!

I need to speed up my songwriting, man. I probably could if I wasn't writing this blog. However, I need to keep doing this until I get a deal. 'Who says?' The cosmos says, Voice. 'Oh, okay.' Yeah.