Thursday, 11 February 2021

A fox jumping up and down on a car roof at five in the morning

It woke me up. "Oh, what's that?!" I looked out of the window. "Okay. A fox. A fox on a car roof, bouncing around. Whatever next?!"

Never mind, eh?

Well, it's the evening now, and I'm writing this while listening to Roxy Music's Avalon.

Obviously, Brian Eno's Apollo will be next.

It's cold. Very cold. But I've had my pizza, so I can't complain too much. It was hot. I've also had my ice cream. That was cold, too.

Those dumbbells get your whole body in shape, if you use them right. My legs were aching a bit, from yesterday. They're all right now. I'm only doing the exercises three days a week. You need time to recover, apparently.

I haven't played my guitar today. It's too cold. I mean, my fingers aren't up to it.

Eno should have stayed with Roxy Music for the first five albums. That's what I reckon. Of course, he wouldn't have fitted in with the later music, the last three albums.

Bowie realized that Eno wasn't being "used" properly by anyone, and he was smart enough to bring him in for Low and Heroes. Also, Lodger. That's what Roxy missed out on.

But I suppose Bryan Ferry wanted to be the star of the band, and all smooth and that.

Avalon is as smooth as it gets. It's "luxury" music.

I think Ferry was a bit sniffy about Bowie, but Bowie had a sense of humour about it - just look at the actor who played his flatmate in the Jazzin' For Blue Jean video. Ha!

Oh, how's our Elon getting on? I haven't really been following any Elon news lately. / I've been thinking though ... my determination to write at least ten world-beater songs is very much like Elon in the early days of Tesla and SpaceX. Other car companies could have been obsessed with making electric cars a thing. NASA and the American government could have been obsessed with seriously getting into space again. They didn't fancy it for some reason. Similarly, Paul McCartney and Noel Gallagher could still write more than three world-beaters each - if they wanted to. Paul Simon could write more than one. But nobody wants to do it.

Never mind. I'm not complaining. It means more glory for me.