Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Refinitiv Lipper: European fund flow report 2020

What's this?!?! ... someone, anyone ... may be wondering. Ha! 'It's pretty obvious what it is, boss.' Well, if you're so clever, Voice, you tell us. 'It's the European fund flow report 2020 from the Refinitiv Lipper team.' Brilliant! You probably deserve a pay rise or something. 'Yeah, yeah.'

Anyway ...

The European fund industry enjoyed estimated overall net inflows to €574.3 bn for the year 2020.
Money market funds (+€268.4 bn) was the asset type with the highest estimated net inflows overall for 2020.
Long-term passive products enjoyed higher inflows than their active managed peers.
Money Market EUR (+€147.0bn) was the best-selling peer group for the year.
Equity Global (+€112.4 bn) was the best-selling sector among long-term funds for 2020 overall.
BlackRock (+€132.1 bn), was the best-selling fund promoter over the course of 2020.
50.46% of the inflows in the European fund industry were invested in ESG-related funds.
Active managed ESG-related products had a market share of 74.11% of the estimated overall fund flows in Europe.
ETFs had a market share of 61.23% of the overall net flows into passive ESG-related products.

Okay, okay. Is this a good thing, all this? Or is it a bad thing, all that? 'Don't you know, boss?' Not really. 'It must be a good thing. They're saying "enjoyed". They say it twice!' Twice?! Okay, well ...

Let's see what our Detlef makes of it ...

Detlef Glow, Head of EMEA Research at Refinitiv Lipper, comments: "In regard to the positive market environment, it is no surprise that the assets under management in the European fund industry rose over the course of 2020 by a combination of the positive performance of the underlying markets and estimated net inflows to increasing assets under management (from €12.3 tr as of December 31, 2019, to €13.0 tr at the end of December 2020). The increase of €744.5 bn for 2020 was driven by estimated net sales (+€574.3 bn), while the performance of the underlying markets contributed €170.3 bn to the increase of the assets under management."

Great! Thanks, Detlef! 'Hold on, boss. He wants to go into more detail.' Why?! 'I don't know! Ask him.' Jesus H. - !!!

"In more detail, equity funds (€5.1 tr) held the majority of assets, followed by bond funds (€3.1 bn), mixed-assets funds (€2.2 tr), money market products (€1.5 tr), alternative UCITS funds (€0.7 tr), real estate funds (€0.3 tr), 'other' funds (€0.1 tr), and commodities funds (€0.06 tr)."

Right. Have you finished? Thank you, Detlef.



Anything else? It's hard to say.

I mean ... they may be something else. But I might not want to talk about it.

I don't know.

I just don't know.

Do you know?

You don't know. No.


Let me tell YOU(!) - !!! Fifteen to twenty minutes of dumbbell exercise is far, far, far more exhausting than my long walks. I'm not doing as many sets of reps as I want yet, but I guess I'll just have to build up slowly. 'Are you seeing results though, boss?' Oh, definitely, Voice. By the summer ... Christ. I'll look like the Incredible Hulk. 'Ha! He's got green skin.' Whatever.

No. I just want to look natural. Fit. Healthy.