Wednesday, 8 September 2021

I've got some nice PR emails ...

And I was going to do one of them, BUT(!) ... I made the tragic mistake earlier of writing the Anything Else section first.

Here it is -

Anything else?

I'm giving that Lennon audiobook a rest for a bit. I'll probably start again on Monday. It's not as hardcore as the Vance/Musk one, sure, BUT(!) ... it fills me with a certain air or vibe of positivity, you dig? [As long as I don't go beyond chapter fifty-one - which I don't.]

To be honest with you though, dear reader(s) ... if I really want to be motivated these days I only have to listen to Mighty Soul. I'm sorry for harping on about it, like, BUT(!) ... it's the sort of song that major acts can build a whole career around, like, uh ... R.E.M. with Losing My Religion or Nirvana with Smells Like Teen Spirit. Yes, I have such a song now, and that's all the motivation I need.

I've just got to hold things together a little while longer ...

Christ! What a life! My life. You can't even imagine, my kooks.



Oh, I'm not going yet. And, so ... I've lost all my enthusiasm for finance. You know how it is, don't you?

Maybe tomorrow ... ? No, I promise! To end the week, I will go through my PR email folder and find a lovely one for you. All right?

Tomorrow. I promise. The end of the week. Just for you. Because I know you like that sort of thing.

Where's the bloody Voice? 'I'm here, boss. I'm listening.'


I hope this is the last hot day.

I'm staying in, anyway. I've got a conceptual to write. Don't ask me why. It's another one about the sea. 'I love the sea!' Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, anyway, I suppose Mighty Soul overshadows my other songs. Life and Death will match it though.

I still need and want more songs like Stella. Ultra-commercial. Explosive! / Two of those a year plus a Mighty Soul or a Life and Death AND(!) ... the world will be my lobster. Definitely.

Also, it would be nice to write some relaxed, smaller songs, you know, supporting songs, like ... here's the perfect example, You and I.

I would love a song like that!

I'm obsessed with music. 24/7. I never close!