Thursday, 9 September 2021

Was it SWEN Capital Partners who said there wouldn't be tomorrow?

'Why are you paraphrasing Dennis Wilson, boss?'

This is why, Voice -

SWEN Capital Partners collaborates with scientific partner Ifremer to commit to the preservation and regeneration of the ocean through the new European investment fund "Blue Ocean".

'Oh, Pacific Ocean Blue. I get you. Nice one!'

Anyway ...

SWEN Capital Partners, a leading provider of unlisted sustainable investment solutions, announces the launch of its second European impact fund, Blue Ocean, at the IUCN[1] World Conservation Congress in Marseille. The fund's ambition is to raise €120m to finance innovative start-ups dedicated to ocean regeneration. Ifremer[2] will be the fund's scientific partner.

One question: Where's the [3] ... ? Ah, never mind.

For this launch, SWEN CP achieved a first closing of €52 million, supported by its long-term partners Macif and Crédit Mutuel Arkéa, as well as by both French and foreign investors, including a major American family office recognized in circles with an interest in the international oceanic ecosystem.

Fair enough. But I want to hear something about the ocean. 'What ocean?' Any ocean. It doesn't have to be the Pacific Ocean.

A treasure trove of biodiversity, the ocean acts as the lungs of our planet, producing 50% of the oxygen present on Earth and playing a crucial role in climate regulation. It particularly helps to mitigate climate change, having already absorbed 93% of the excess heat produced by human activities. Without urgent measures to restore the severely threatened marine ecosystem, the very basis of life on Earth is at risk. Additionally, losses to the global economy due to seafood shortages and rising sea levels are estimated at $400 billion per year by 2050[3].

Well, well, well ... there's the [3] - !!! 'There's no repetition, boss.' Christ! I suppose you want a cherry on top as well. Idiot!

In light of this, SWEN CP has set up a new investment team of 4 employees, led by Olivier Raybaud and Christian Lim, which funds approximately twenty-five start-ups, mainly in Europe, with proven technology and market traction.


Oh, I'm not doing all of this email.

Let's go to the voices! 'Yippee!'

"It is a pleasure to join forces with SWEN Capital Partners and its new team to further the protection of the ocean. This multicultural team, with a vast network in the global ocean ecosystem, has all the assets to take up the challenge of this new fund", states Sabine Castellan Poquet, Investment Director of Macif Aéma Groupe.

Oh, I see. 'They're talking about the global ocean, boss.' Yeah, I know. The ecosystem or whatever.

"We are very pleased to support the SWEN Capital Partners teams in launching the Blue Ocean impact fund. This commitment by Crédit Mutuel Arkéa is perfectly in line with the group's ambition to strengthen the integration of environmental and social issues in its investment and financing activities, for a sustainable and responsible finance, at the service of territories and their stakeholders. As a committed player in the maritime sector, we are particularly sensitive to the need to preserve the oceans," added Hélène Bernicot, Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Mutuel Arkéa.

Oh, the oceans! I'm confused now.

"Ifremer is proud to accompany SWEN CP in this key project and to make use of its scientific expertise on the oceans, their resources and their uses. We have found trustworthy partners with whom we share our passion for supporting innovation and proposing solutions for the preservation and regeneration of the Ocean", highlights François Houllier, President and CEO of Ifremer. "Through our involvement in Blue Ocean, we want to encourage the emergence of start-ups in the field of marine science and technology, increase our research partnerships with innovative SMEs and ultimately make the preservation of the ocean a lever for creating value for society."

Ha! ... oceans, Ocean, ocean. Francois is totally out of it!

"Unfortunately, the global trajectory of both the Earth's average temperature and greenhouse gas emissions remains unchanged. We are entering a new UN Decade for the ocean which is being destabilized by pollution, melting ice caps, resulting in a major tipping point for the climate. The health of the ocean is on the agenda at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Marseille, while France has just joined the Ocean Panel[4] … There is a real awareness at both a national and international level; the launch of the Blue Ocean Fund is at the heart of this dynamic and contributes to meeting these crucial challenges for the planet, a first at a worldwide level", concludes Jérôme Delmas, Managing Director of SWEN Capital Partners.

Oi! There's no need for that [4] - !!! Did you see that, Voice? 'They're taking the piss, boss. End it. End it now.'