Monday, 6 September 2021

The Monday morning experiment

Let's see if this works!

BAAR, Switzerland - (September 01, 2021) - Blackstone Resources AG is pleased to announce that the management of Blackstone Resources AG will be supported by Serhat Yilmaz as of September 1.  As Chief Marketing Officer, the 35-year-old Yilmaz will assume significant responsibility for the development of the group Investor Relations department and will also play a formative role in battery production at the Döbeln site, where he will be CMO for the subsidiary Blackstone Technology GmbH.

Hampshire, UK - 31st August 2021: A new study from Juniper Research has found the transaction value of B2B cross-border payments of all payment types will exceed $42.7 trillion in 2026, from $34 trillion in 2021. The research identified that this growth of over 25% is being driven by increased popularity of eCommerce marketplaces, which are generally cross-border in nature.

Okay, okay. That's not too bad. 'What are you doing, boss?' The Monday morning experiment. 'Yeah, and what’s that?'

[I can't get the staff!]

It's two PR emails together, Voice. 'Why?' What do you mean, why? It's an experiment. 'Whatever.'

Anyway ...

With the addition of Yilmaz, who previously worked at Quantron AG as CMO and at Framo AG as CMO and CBDO, Blackstone Resources AG in Switzerland gains an experienced personnel. Research author Nick Maynard explains: "Blockchain is not a silver bullet for cross-border payments challenges, but it has a significant role to play. For networks, building connections is critical to ensuring the best possible reach and appeal in the increasingly globalized B2B payments market." Together with the recently granted funding and the operating license for the production of 3D batteries, the company is now in the starting blocks for the next stage. "The name Blackstone Resources is about to become a brand name in the gearbox of transportation transformation. We have every reason to be optimistic about the future," Yilmaz is certain. 

You see, Voice? 'This is just confusing, boss.' Is it? Only a little bit. 'Your readers won't like it.' Ha! My readers?! Don't worry about them. Christ!

"Blackstone Resources AG is a major global shaper of the emission-free future. I look forward to joining this innovation-driven company," says Yilmaz. The research identified that the B2B cross-border payments market is highly fragmented, with payments being slow, expensive and difficult to track. As cross-border eCommerce accelerates, B2B payments need to keep pace, with use of automation, instant payment rails and solutions like virtual IBANs, which enable acceptance of local payment options, critical to future success. "Our progress in industrializing 3D-printed battery cells is now opening up immense potential, which I am particularly excited about." 

Er ... 'I told you.' It's avant-garde, man. 'Whatever.'

Anyway, dear reader(s), no endorsement obviously because - 'It's all a total mess. A disaster!' Well - 'No one knows what's going on, boss. Maybe you should start this post again.'




Well, it's done now, isn't it?

Good luck to everyone involved in ... whatever!



Anything else?

Fitness? Some mornings I don't enjoy doing my push-ups, but they've got to be done, you dig? Is it right to rest on Saturday and Sunday? Because Monday is particularly tough, man.

Listen! Muscle burns fat while you're resting. That's the good news. That's why you need muscle to lose weight.

Music? I've been wearing out my batteries on my H5 some more, yeah, listening to Mighty Soul. This is the song I needed.

Remember: you can use endless delays and setbacks to your advantage. They're not necessarily a bad thing. They give you the opportunity to strengthen your position. Christ! I should have been one of the great military commanders from history. Never mind, eh?