Thursday, 2 September 2021

What else is possible?

Man, this post is possible. Do you dig? I can just about move my fingers over the laptop keyboard. I mean ... it's the end of the week, and I'm tired, and ... you know how it is. Come on!

PR emails? Sure, I've got PR emails. I'm not looking at them though. I won't even glance at them. Ha, ha, ha! Let's save them until Monday! 'It will be a nice treat on Monday morning, boss.' Yeah, whatever.

Oh! I'm not going to miss The Sweeney later this afternoon. Regan and Carter are driving down my high street in this episode. Maybe I'll catch a glimpse of myself when I was five or six years old. 'A little urchin!' Yeah, whatever.


I've been listening to my recording of Mighty Soul and wearing down the batteries on my H5. It's very good for a "rough" recording, which gives me hope for the final version.

This H5 Zoom thingy is actually a four-track recorder, you know. However, I won't be messing around with overdubs and that. I'll just sing and play. The microphones look a bit weird, but they do a really good job of mixing the guitar and vocals together. I mean, you don't get a muddy sound  with it.

I'll have to finish Life and Death soon - when I can be bothered, like. I reckon it might turn out to be as good as Mighty Soul ... only less commercial. To write those two songs in the same year ... I'm wondering now ...

What else is possible?

Ah, who knows? Life is a mystery. Art is a mystery.

Let's not delve too far into the mysteries, eh?

Bye, kook(s)!