Monday, 13 October 2014

Christopher Buck has gone to Finisterre Capital for some reason

Yeah, Chris has left Barclays Capital. Finisterre Capital is an emerging markets hedge fund, by the way. Are people still interested in emerging markets? I know they were very popular a few years ago ...

I'm not going to dwell on finance for too long tonight. I'm not in the mood, man. However, I may as well tell you that Finisterre Capital is dedicated to delivering risk-controlled, total return investment strategies to the institutional marketplace. The firm manages emerging markets funds in a variety of asset classes, including sovereign debt, local currency debt, foreign exchange, corporate credit, special situations and equity. And Chris? Oh, he was head of Latin America corporate credit research at BarCap. (Is it still called BarCap? I'm out of the loop since Bobby left.) He had a team and that, like they all do.

Well, well ... / Nothing too exciting or unusual, I'm afraid. I can't tell you that Mr Buck is some sort of deranged mystic because he isn't - to my knowledge. And Finisterre? Er ... Finisterre Capital seems to be a normal hedge fund. So, pretty boring, really. But that's fine for a Sunday night/Monday morning.

Normally, I would get my intern, the Voice, to dig a bit deeper. He's not here though. He's visiting his folks on the astral plane. / I couldn't find Chris' LinkedIn profile. So what?! Those profiles are all made up by internet degenerates with too much time on their hands. I reckon only ten per cent are genuine.


Music? I'm listening to Eno's Apollo. (No surprises.) The night time is the right time, after all.

It's raining, man.

I don't fancy going to sleep yet. So I'm doing this. / I actually fell asleep watching Downton Abbey earlier. Nothing seems to be happening in that programme any more. The duke or count (or whatever he is) has got to sell a bit more land to raise money. Who gives a shit? Honestly, who gives a shit about some aristocrat who doesn't even exist? The real ones are bad enough. / Christ. It's like an EastEnders for ponces. And don't get me started on that programme! Not even the great Danny Dyer can make it watchable.

I don't watch films or TV shows as much as I used to, you know. The bullshit pisses me off these days. I'm like Holden Caulfield. He hated the phoniness of actors. / I still love Fandango, obviously. My favourite film. And the first two series of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet (from the Eighties, not the later nonsense). But they are more like experiences you live through, rather than something you watch passively. Well, they are for me. They seem real.


Oh, I'm going to bed.