Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Inequality has always been dangerous for the poor

Not the obsession with inequality, but inequality itself. / It must be dangerous for the rich now though, otherwise we wouldn't get posts like this over at City A.M. Who is this Ryan Bourne writing for? The rich, obviously. Well, I'm sure they'll find his article a great comfort when the mobs with the pitchforks and torches turn up at their front doors. The poor don't need to be told how dangerous inequality is. If you're poor, you live in an area where you have to run the gauntlet of muggers every day. And you eat shit food which shortens your life. You have no money for emergencies, unexpected bills. And you know the rest, dear reader(s). (If you don't, use your imagination.) However, it's the obsession with inequality that upsets Ryan. Yes, he wants everyone to stop talking about it. 'Ha!' If we stop talking about it the mobs will stay on their inner city housing estates, only harming each other. But if we keep talking about it ... 'Oh no, they're coming!' ... the mobs might get ideas, man! They might start leaving their estates/ghettoes and start wandering over to nice areas like Kensington, Chelsea, Mayfair ... 'Hey blud, fancy a day trip?' All right, Voice, that's enough. You're not a thug 4 life. / Where was I? 'The mobs, wandering.' Oh yeah. That's when inequality will become seriously dangerous. Not the obsession with inequality, but the actual thing. That's why Ryan wants everyone to shut up about it. 'So he writes about it!' Well, maybe he thinks he's having the last word - who knows?


Music? Oh, I'm listening to The Very Best of Cream. A lot of the songs are a bit lame, so it's not total cream. 'Ha!' But there's some great stuff on it, like Sunshine of Your Love. (Robert De Niro standing at the bar with a cigarette, murder on his mind.) Badge. (Kevin Costner throwing darts at a picture of himself.) And then there is Clapton's guitar playing, of course.

Guitar? My guitar? Well, I find I can play lead pretty smoothly now after only warming up for thirty minutes or so. Just five or six weeks ago, I had to play for at least three hours to get that smoothness. / There won't be any lead on my demo though. All rhythm! I've still got to get my songs right, man.

Lunch? My lunch? I don't know. What are you having, reader(s)? A Pot Noodle?