Thursday, 23 October 2014

Tony Lanning loves risk!

Is anyone surprised? / Well, the cruel rocks gored Tony Lanning, like the horns of an angry bull ... Do you remember that, dear reader(s)? Oh, it were years ago. Henderson and the wreck of the Gartmore. Terrible times! But Tony has moved on. Yes, recovered, and moved on. He's at J.P. Morgan Asset Management now, working as some sort of fusion multi-manager or something. Well, it's his life.

Anyway, Tony has developed a taste for risk. 'Of course he has, Mikey! I mean, wouldn't you, out there, on the cruel sea?' Cruel rocks, Voice. 'The sea was cruel as well, wasn't it? What with that bloody hurricane and all. I quote - Then up and spake an old sailor, had sailed the Spanish Main, "I pray thee, put into yonder port, for I fear a hurricane." Remember?' Yes, I remember, Voice. We all remember. It was a dreadful episode. Tony was lucky to survive it.

But let’' concentrate on Tony's new love of risk. He says he's not worried about volatility in the markets. He sees the markets as a cruel sea we shouldn't fear. 'Well, that's only natural, boss.' Yes. And he ain't worried about no rocks, you know. Not this time. 'Is he a drunken boat?' I wouldn't say that, Voice. He is fearless though.

Actually, Voice, you've given me an idea. 'What?' After lunch I can take Tony for a spin in a drunken boat. No, I mean, he will be the drunken boat, himself, yeah? 'Like Rimbaud.' Well, Rimbaud and Fowke together. Kindred spirits! A drunken boat ... in a conceptual post! 'That's a brilliant idea, Mikey!' Thanks, man. 'It's my idea.' Half of it is. You can't take all the credit.


Give me a minute ...

I've just been looking through my archive, reader(s). I've mentioned The Drunken Boat before in a conceptual, and even rewrote it (sort of) in a conventional post. It doesn't matter. You can't have too many drunken boats, can you?

So, that's the afternoon sorted. What a life, eh?