Thursday, 23 October 2014

Daniel Barach is launching a new hedge fund!

This guy never gives up! Danny had an old hedge fund, MLT Capital, which went out of business in 2008. It was very upsetting and Danny actually joined a cult for five years. 'A cult?!' Yeah. For spiritual reflection, Voice, or to lose himself, I don't know. 'Christ!' Yeah, maybe. I don't know. Or one of the space people, aliens. 'Eh?' / But now he's back! 'Great! / In black?' What? 'Is he back in black, Mikey?' Well, I'm looking at his LinkedIn profile. I think he's wearing a black suit. A white shirt though. 'Oh. / Was he really in a cult?' No. I was only joking, man. 'You're a funny guy, boss.' I know.

Anyway, Danny's new fund is called Turnaround Stocks. He's hoping he'll be able to help folks in Cincinnati with it. 'Why?' Because he's from Cincinnati. 'Yeah, but why does he want to help people?' I don't know. He's just that sort of guy, I suppose. A humanitarian, like me.

Oh, by the way, dear reader(s), the minimum investment is $500,000. So, no bums please. 'He wants to help rich people, then?' What's your problem, Voice?! 'I ain't got no problem. I'm just trying to understand what Mr Barach is doing.' He's launching a new hedge fund! And it's none of your business, you little idiot!

My apologies, Danny, if you're reading this. I'm sure you know how difficult it is to find good staff these days.


Well, the end of another week, eh? Yeah, it's the end of another week. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow ...