Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Mark Black is doing all right with this Raveneur thing of his

What "Raveneur" thing you're probably wondering, eh, dear reader(s)? ('Ha! What's the matter with them, boss?') Well, there's no need to get upset. Dry your eyes. It's a hedge fund, Raveneur Investment Group, that's all. It's completely harmless. / The word on the grapevine (or street or whatever) is that Raveneur has been given hundreds of millions of dollars in seed capital. Blackstone Group has given the fund $200 million, and PAAMCO!!! has given $150 million. Not only that, BUT(!) ... I've had a whip-round in the pub. I got £13.27 off the lads. I'll be sending it over to Mark Black forthwith, as they say. ('If you don't spend it on some new guitar strings first.' Shut up. 'What lads, anyway?' Oh, just some Roundheads. 'Ghosts?' Yeah.) / ... / By the way, Raveneur is going to soft close at $1 billion, roughly. I think Mark has put $57.65 of his own money into the fund, so ... still some way to go. Obviously, I wish Mark and everyone involved the best of luck. 'So do I!' We need more hedge funds in this world.

Mark Black is a funny one though. He doesn't like talking to journalists for some reason. 'What's funny about that, man?' Nothing. Nothing at all. I'm merely making conversation. 'Does he like getting a-ROUND?' Time will tell, Voice. Time will tell.


Anything else? Er ... I'm listening to Pink Floyd. Mainly for David Gilmour's guitar playing. / Gilmour and Jimmy Page say they don't know any guitar scales, much. They just play what sounds right, I suppose. I'm not going to overdo the scales. All you really need is the blues scale, and the major and minor pentatonic scales. All three scales are pretty much the same as well, except for the odd extra note. It's not rocket science, man.

Lunch? Er ... / Cheese and tomato sandwich from Morrisons, only £1. My favourite sandwich! And crisps, yoghurt, Coke. I haven't given up the Coke yet. ('Your teeth, Mikey! Think of your teeth!') I'm addicted, son. (What are you doing in those bloody brackets again, Voice?) Never mind. There are worse things to be addicted to.

Well ... laters, reader(s). I'll see you and Mark Black a-ROUND, yeah? 'After lunch?' Yeah, after lunch, yeah.