Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Dick Hodges will be working for Nomura Asset Management soon

Yeah, yeah ... er, next month. 'Great!' Yeah. I have no idea who he is though, and I'm not in the mood for finance this morning, so I'm just going to go through the motions, if you don't mind, dear reader(s). 'Have you looked at his LinkedIn profile, boss?' Yes. 'And you're not excited?!' No. 'There's a nice picture of him in his house.' Ha! The house is falling down, Voice. It's all lopsided. Subsidence, or whatever. 'Well, maybe Nomura will pay him enough to get it fixed.' It should be condemned! Not even my house is that bad, for Christ's sake! Did he think anyone would be impressed?

Well, well ... er, this Dick Hodges used to work at Legal & General Investment Management. He's some sort of bond star, or so they say. 'And you're still not excited?!' No. I couldn't care less. I never saw Dick Hodges in the desert in the old days. I never saw him in astral flames. So, bond star? It means nothing to me, I'm afraid. 'You're in a funny mood, Mikey.' I know.

Oh God. / It goes without saying that I wish Mr Hodges all the best in his new role at his new firm. 'Really?' Yes.

(Yes, I wish him all the best. Oh, I have to say that, dear reader(s). You're a regular. You know how I am. But some casual internet surfer might think I'm a bastard for having no enthusiasm for this stranger's career.)


Anything else? Well ... I'm listening to Elvis Costello's King of America. The songs seem to be high quality, but there aren't any classics that stand out, like Alison. / I suppose Costello is lucky to have a handful of classics. Most artists don't, these days. And that's why I spent a couple of years writing just three songs for my demo. They're written now, but not recorded (except for one of them.) And that's why I'm spending so long improving my guitar playing. You need classics, man. / When I tried to make it when I was younger, my shit wasn't good enough. And if your shit's not good enough, you have to take shit from shits, you dig? I'm too old for all that ...

Lunch? Yes, I'm having lunch.