Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Richard Woolnough says the West shouldn't fear deflation

I'm getting sick of all this, stuff like this, man. We're always being told (normally by the media, or, at least, through the media) that we've got to fear something, and then - a week or two later - that we don't have to fear it. Like spiders. 'What?!' Like spiders, Voice. Do you remember about a month ago? We were being told we should fear giant hairy spiders coming into our houses and biting our arms and legs off. 'Oh yeah. I remember.' Well, did it happen? Of course it didn't! But then we were told, No! Don't fear the spiders. The spiders are our friends because they get rid of all the little insects in our houses, like flies and shit. 'They want it both ways, boss. They want us to be afraid and not afraid at the same time. So they can control our minds, like you were saying yesterday.' And it's the same with deflation now. To be fair to Richie Woolnough at M&G Investments, he's just some sweet, innocent guy who is being used. He doesn't understand the evil behind what he is being asked to do. 'He thinks it's okay because he's only saying don't fear deflation. Not fearing is nice, he thinks.' Yeah. However, he doesn't realize that they're already lining someone else up to tell us in a couple of weeks to fear deflation. 'Fear it. Christ! They've told us that a number of times anyway. It's a sick game, Mikey.' It's a sick world, Voice.


I'm just glad I've got my Telecaster and my amp now. Music is a refuge from the world. You can get lost in music.

An electric guitar makes you sound a much better player, you know. I was doing some simple strumming last night that would sound pathetic on an acoustic, but with my Telecaster and amp set on Californian and hi gain or hot with plenty of drive ... well, it was like Nirvana or Oasis. I was in heavy rock heaven, you dig?

And lead guitar? The amplifier sustains notes for ages on the hot setting. I was wailing like Hendrix, man!


Lunch?! Yeah, I'm having lunch. Why wouldn't I be having lunch? Egg sandwich, for your information, dear reader(s). 'Mikey, behave. I'm paying for your lunch.' Shut up, Voice. You're not scary. You're not Sir Ben.