Thursday, 16 October 2014

Where did Man Group get all this lovely AUM from?!

Just a short post to finish up the week because I'm knackered again, man. And I don't feel well. / Yeah, Man Group. It has more AUM now than it knows what to do with. 'How much AUM, boss?' $72.3 billion. Up 25 per cent or something. 'Yeah, they're buying stuff though, aren't they? Like Numeric and Pine Grove. It's not the same as good old-fashioned honest work.' Maybe not, Voice. Who are we to judge? / 'What about the new financial crisis?' What crisis?! 'Don't you read the news, man?' Not any more, man. I've given it up. The rune stones are enough for me. 'Whatever.' Don't knock it!


Oh! Oh! 'What?' I've got Channel Four News on! (Well, what's this crisis, then?) Stephanie Flanders is hiding her necklace. Ha! Tucked it into her dress. That's my influence, that is. 'How?' I had a go at these posh birds with their big trendy necklaces, don't you remember? Specifically, Steph. 'Oh yeah. You're such a card, boss.' I aim to please.


I've got a really bad cold. I hope it's nothing more serious. I gotta go, reader(s). Bye!