Thursday, 19 March 2015

Budget 2015: You only need to know one thing!

Money will continue to flow from the bottom 99 per cent of society to the top 1 per cent. And that's no way to run a country or a world, my friend(s). Because it just ain't fair, man! Or sensible. It will lead to collapse, the destruction of capitalism, and revolution. None of us want to see that. We're all reasonable people, aren't we? / I probably won't vote at the general election, but I'm thinking now that a Labour/SNP coalition will be the best result. Labour by themselves will just continue with the Tory nonsense of wealth distribution from the poorest to the richest. No, we need the SNP to get involved! / Not that I care. I don't even want to think about politics, son (daughter). Christ. I swear, if it wasn't for my music, I would probably go insane.


Anything else? You betcha!

Film review? Why not?! The Color of Money. I bought the DVD the other day. Yeah, it's a good film. (Another Tom Cruise film. So sue me!) I like Paul Newman's character, "Fast" Eddie Felson. The guy's been out of the pool game for twenty-five years (like me, with my music) but he gets the hunger again, you dig? By the end of the film, you get the feeling he's going to be the top dog, better even than Vincent. Vincent? Vince? That's the Tom Cruise character. He's only interested in money. "Fast" Eddie Felson likes the money, too. Oh yes! However, his real passion is ... glory!

Yeah, man, it's a great film. A sequel that is better than the original! That has only happened one other time(?), with The Godfather (Part II).


Well, well ... / Music? I'm listening to ... You know, I think this will become a music blog eventually. It's the way things are going, dear reader(s). 'Not a film review blog, Mikey?' Shut it, you slag!

Er ... yeah, I'm listening to NOTHING(!) yet. What time is it? We've got plenty of time!

My music?! Well, I was playing my Tele for a bit yesterday, with the new strap, standing up. Uh, it was pretty hit and miss, my playing. But I had moments, man, I had moments ... two minutes or so ... where it was like Hendrix at Woodstock. Seriously! God knows what the neighbours were thinking. 'Payback for all their noise, boss!' / The trick is ... to forget yourself, and forget your guitar. Er, the way Tom Cruise learned to forget himself and his sword in The Last Samurai. / Fight? Let's rock!