Wednesday, 11 March 2015

There is no fear at Thunderbird Partners

Well, there is. David Fear. David Fear is at Thunderbird Partners. 'Who on earth is David Fear, Mikey?!' David Fear, Voice, is the owner of new hedge fund Thunderbird Partners. He used to be mixed up with those Ziff brothers. But now he's on his own. And that's the way he likes it. The man doesn't have any fear. 'Oh.' Yeah. However, that is all anyone knows about him. 'Really, boss?' Well, it's all I know about him. Our Dave barely exists on the internet. I can tell you that he's Canadian, and that he's based in London, if that's any help. 'Help? You don't have to help me, son. It's nothing to do with me.'

Well, well ... dear reader(s), let us be honest. It's nothing to do with any of us. If a man wants to call himself DAVID FEAR(!) and run a hedge fund in London, how is it any of our business? The fact is, there are thousands of men like our Dave. 'Millions!' Do I have to write about all of them, in the mad hope that there's some wisdom to be squeezed out of such nonsense? Even if I say to you: Thunderbird Partners has $1.5 billion in assets under management ... What are you supposed to think? What are you supposed to feel?

It's a tragedy ... / We have to get on with our own lives. I hope you're not one of the poor souls in finance, my friend(s), but if you are: GET OUT! Get out now, you dig? / Do you imagine I will be writing this blog forever? 'Yes!' Oh, don't say that, Voice! What are you trying to do to me? I have a dream. You know I have a dream. I must escape. And I will escape!


Lunch? Er ... cheese sandwich, with tomato. The classic £1 Morrisons one. / I don't eat meat. It's always going to be cheese or egg. I'm not complaining.

Music? I had John Coltrane on, A Love Supreme. Now I have Prince on, singing ... Dance, music, sex, romance.

My music? Don't ask! Well, I had some fun on my Telecaster last night. No recordings though ...

After lunch? No. 299. Let's get DIZZY, yeah?!