Thursday, 5 March 2015

City A.M. notices that productivity is weak

Which is nice. Yeah, have a look. Totally wrong about living standards though. They're not recovering at all. 'Maybe for them, boss.' Oh yes, maybe for them, Voice.

And I don't want to hear about any statistics, dear reader(s). Statistics, man, are bullshit - even from "respected" sources.

Why is productivity so weak? 'Why?! Oh, why?!' City A.M. seems to have no idea. I suggest it's because the millions of new jobs that have been created are ... (drum roll) ... bullshit jobs.

You see, my friend(s), we live in a land of bullshit statistics and bullshit jobs. And it will continue this way until we elect politicians who are not con merchants. 'Ha!' I know, Voice, I know ...

Oh God ... / Now, maybe if we had journalists who weren't in league with the politicians. I mean - 'Mikey, you live in a dream world, you do, son!' I know, I know ... I'm not right in the head, me.


Oh, at least there's the pub. I keep getting my migraines. But at least there's the pub. / I have so many sorrows to drink away. And not just mine. Everyone's! Tomorrow, I'll get drunk for the world's sorrows ... / Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow!