Monday, 23 March 2015

"Finance workers aren't bad apples"

That's not me saying that. 'And it's not me!' It's Gerry Grimstone. / Well, I suppose we have to take his word for it. Politicians are the bad apples. Finance workers just get caught up in the making of money. It makes them go crazy. They are pretty innocent people. They don't know what they're doing, most of them. Politicians though, go out of their way to get involved in all the evil of the world. 'Believe it, baby!' There ain't one politician going to heaven.

Finance workers have a chance to repent ... / My advice is ... make a bit of money, dear reader(s), enough to set you up, and then get out, man! Don't be greedy. There are other things you can do.

Hell is real, my friend(s). Oh yes, I know. I have spiritual connections. 'Big time.' / Oh, please listen to me, man, don't donate any of your money to the Conservatives this election. That would be asking for trouble. You see, Satan is watching. 'He has eyes everywhere!' He's taking notes, yeah? He's looking for vulnerable souls. Don't paint a target on your back.

And, er ... Gerry Grimstone? This cat is the chairman of Standard life, apparently. He has 351 connections on LinkedIn. 'Christ! Only 351?! Could do better, boss.' Could he? Maybe. I don't know, Voice. It might not even be a real profile. I don't trust anything I read on the internet ... too many degenerates around.


Anything else? Well, there's music, man. I'm listening to ... (uh, hang on a minute, need to put something on) ... Biggie, Ready to Die. I've never been all that keen on him, but I watched the Notorious film on TV last night, about his life. It was all right. What amused me is that the actor playing him reminded me of Peter Kay as his Max character (from Phoenix Nights and Max and Paddy's Road to Nowhere). A black version. Maybe I'm just crazy ...

[Biggie is rapping about Timbs. I used to have a pair, which I really miss. You need them where I live. You get respect, and no one fucks with you, you dig?]

Er ... / My music? I'm going to have a go at recording again this week. I feel up for it. My demo. Yeah, I'm all enthusiastic and shit. / My guitar playing went up a level recently. It's a strange thing. You can play every day for months without making any progress. Then suddenly, overnight, you can start playing better. It's like there's a delay or something. 'A dam bursting, son!' What? 'A build up of skill, Mikey, that bursts like a dam.' Yeah, whatever.