Monday, 9 March 2015

This is my second post of the day because I'm depressed ...

Yes, yes ... / And I don't want to write anything tomorrow. No, no ... / (A day off! Yippee! Brief joy ...) You can forget finance tonight though, dear reader(s). 'No, Mikey! They will remember!' (Be quiet, Voice. I'm not in the mood.) If you think I'm writing about finance tonight, please think again. Not everything is about finance, okay? There is more to life.

Tomorrow? And ... / It's going to be sunny tomorrow. And I might go out, or I might stay in. If I stay in, no one will bother me*. If I go out, I'll have to deal with the world.

So ... I might stay in. I might play my guitar, all day. Music is the only thing I like now. Everything else sickens me. (There's no torment with the music, you dig?) I understand why Coltrane never put his saxophone down.


TV? I've got Minder on. I like Arthur Daley. I like him a lot (as well as music). However, people like that are NO JOKE(!) in real life. The Conservative Party is full of such characters - without his charm, of course.


"Hell is other people." I find Sartre quite superficial, compared to a heavy cat like Kafka, but that's the best thing he ever said/wrote.

I live my life on two levels. "Normal", for the benefit of associates. And "Zarathustra on the mountain top" for my private moments.

No one understands. You can't say anything to anyone. Believe me, my friend(s). Tell someone something about yourself, from deep inside ... they will stare at you with a blank face. They will think you are insane. But they are insane. Oh yes. The truth hurts.

[Beautiful kook!]


*Yes they will! / The noises they make, outside. Why do they make those noises outside, at all hours?

When I walk down the street, I walk silently, day and night, because I'm considerate. No one wants to hear a lunatic crying or a buffoon shouting ...

But it is all I hear. It is all they are.


If I were dictator of the world, boy, would there be some changes?! 'I don't know.' Yes, there would.

Most people are so lucky to have free will. I mean, what the FUCK(!) have they done to deserve it?!

God either has tremendous faith in people or ... He just doesn't give a shit. I'm inclined to believe He doesn't give a shit.