Thursday, 19 March 2015

Julian Rifat gets nineteen months for insider trading

Christ! It's taken enough time, hasn't it? When was he arrested? 'Oh, years ago!' Four years ago. If he had gone to prison then, he would have been out for over two years now and might have rebuilt his life.

Of course, he won't be able to work in finance again. Never mind. He's well out of it. Come on, dear reader(s), be honest, finance is a mug's game. Yeah, it's nice money, but all the hassles, the long hours, the way it affects your health ... IS IT WORTH IT? NO!!!

REPENT! Repent! REPENT! Find God ... like Stephen Green, the HSBC guy. I mean, he preaches in church, for Christ's sake! The man is real serious. REPENT!


Ah, that's enough. End of the week. What a relief!

Oh, I've been thinking about the Budget again. Boy, I hate politicians. I really hate them. They don't see the country as a unified whole, you know? All the people together. No. They only think of their mates, their class, their fucking country club, whatever. VAMPIRES! They're just vampires, my friend(s).

Journalists? Ha! There are a handful of journalists who are doing what they are supposed to be doing ... Let's leave it at that.

I can't even go to the pub tomorrow because I'm waiting for something to be delivered.

Oh, see you next week, man.