Sunday, 15 March 2015

Sunday afternoon thoughts and feelings

Yeah, I'm just relaxing, man, and listening to some music. I've got 2Pac on. A lot of his stuff is quite melancholic, you know. I love Better Dayz, I Ain't Mad at Cha, Changes and Life Goes On. However, I also love the angry, aggressive stuff like Lil' Homies, Ballad of a Dead Soulja, Fuck the World, Hit 'Em Up ... / I can relate to all of it. You get angry at the world, so you start ranting and raving. Then you wear yourself out and just get sad, you dig? Even thugs cry.

I was going to do a bit of recording today. I don't fancy it now though. I can't face it. Maybe tomorrow. Who knows? I'm not sure there's any need to rush. 'Rush?!' (But there might be.) / I've been thinking why guys like Dylan, Costello, and Lennon (while he was alive) are great songwriters but merely competent guitarists. Maybe it's because they "made it" young and then the pressure was on to write songs, record albums, and tour. They couldn't hang around the house playing the guitar for five or six hours a day. So I've got to take advantage of the time I have now. (But that doesn't explain Prince. Nineteen, first album! 'Better musician than songwriter, boss.') / Oh, I bought a Prince DVD last week, Rave un2 the Year 2000. It's okay, not brilliant, but there's some amazing guitar playing on Hendrix's Red House which Prince calls Purple House. 'Typical, Mikey!' Yeah, Voice. There's no harm in it.

Er ... / Tony Robbins is right about neural pathways and how your brain changes with new activity which is repetitive. If I don't play my guitar for at least two hours a day ... I get a physical urge to play. Withdrawal symptoms or something. I don't know. I'm not complaining. It's actually a good thing because a couple of years ago I had to force myself to play for just thirty minutes.

Jesus ... / Time is passing. My music! 'Keep calm, son!' I am calm, Voice. I don't care about my age! / There are two things I want from myself: One, to be the greatest songwriter in the world. Two, to be a world-class guitarist. (In my mind that means being in the top twenty greatest living guys, Beck, Clapton, Page, Blackmore, Gilmour, Prince ...) / If I can achieve that, time and age won't mean shit.

H. Christ ... / Sunday, Sunday ... / Sundays! Are they good, or are they bad? I think they're a bit depressing. 'Big time!' I suppose they're good in the sense that you don't have to do nothing.

[I'm doing NOTHING. 'Except this.' I'm nearly finished.]

Mary, er, Chain ... ? / Finance? Uh. Oh, no, no. Not today. Please! Please!!! Come back tomorrow morning, dear reader(s), if that's your thing. / Man, is that your thing?! Really? Well, well ...