Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Kenneth Carver has to pay a £35,000 fine!

For insider dealing. / Bloody hell! He's a retired accountant! Why can't they leave him alone? He doesn't deserve this. He's a pensioner, for Christ's sake! / Oh, I'm talking about the FCA. Who else?!

"Carver, a retired accountant, purchased 62,000 shares in Logica Plc (Logica) on the basis of information Ryan Willmott, a family friend, provided to him. Mr Willmott held inside information relating to a potential takeover of Logica through his employment at the group." More, than is healthy.

Is there any reason why they can't call him Mr Carver? I just don't understand the youth of today, dear reader(s).


Yeah, I'm writing in the night again. / Uh, I'm not much interested in finance, to tell you the truth. What do you expect? Eight years, man and boy, blogging. Oh, this can't go on!

Music? Man, I'm listening to David Bowie. Hunky Dory. A wonderful album! Knowledge comes with death's release. Ah! Ah! Ah! And it's the way he sings it! Seriously insane, that guy. Well, he was. In the good old days ...

I made an interesting observation the other day, regarding our David. I was watching an old clip of him performing Young Americans on The Dick Cavett Show ... and it occurred to me that in the Seventies he often operated on the edge of his talent, meaning ... that he took risks and almost failed at times. His soul singing on this show wasn't great and his voice cracked towards the end. However, he still had the amazing confidence to do it, and the performance as a whole was successful. So, er ...

That's how you make progress!!! / I tried it earlier with my Telecaster, standing up, playing some wildly ambitious stuff. A lot of it was a mess, granted, but some of it was the best playing I've ever done. / The trick, I suppose, is to make it a habit. Neural pathways!

Of course, my dear reader(s), I don't suggest that you try this "on the edge" thing at work. I mean, trading or whatever. I don't want to be responsible for your ending up in prison.