Thursday, 5 March 2015

Tom Purcell doesn't want to be a Viking no more!

I don't blame him. I imagine it's a very stressful lifestyle. 'What's he going to do now, boss?' Tom's going to manage his own money, Voice. 'Really?' Yeah. Money he got from all the raids, I suppose. 'It sounds like a quieter life.' It certainly does, man. You're not going to get an axe in your head managing your own money, are you? 'No.' It's a smart move. Our Tom is no fool.

By the way, dear reader(s), I haven't seen a picture of Mr Purcell, and I don't want to see one, thank you very much. 'What are you worried about, boss?' I'm worried he looks like Kirk Douglas in that film. 'Ooh. Scary!' Exactly. It's too early in the morning for scary faces. I haven't had my lunch yet.


Music? I'm listening to the new Noel Gallagher album again, Chasing Yesterday. It's growing on me, despite the lyrics. / The guitar solo in Riverman sounds suspiciously like the solo Eric Clapton plays in Jeff Beck's concert at Ronnie Scott's, you know, the DVD. (You Need Love is the song.) 'Our Noel wouldn't steal it, would he, Mikey?' Of course he wouldn't, Voice! Mr Gallagher doesn't do that sort of thing! How can you even suggest it?!

Our Eric? I've been thinking about Mr Clapton. It's possible he's the greatest guitarist ever. Beck has more skill, Hendrix had more skill, but Clapton has beautiful, awesome tone and style. That means a lot in my book, man. So ... I don't know. Maybe.


Lunch? Er ...  cheese sandwich, crisps, yoghurt, can of Coke. / Oh, I've got to pack the Cokes in. I find it hard to believe that Warren Buffett drinks a whole case of the stuff every day.