Thursday, 26 March 2015

Congratulations to Doug Gordon at Russell Investments!

Well done, son! / Dear reader(s), this cat, Doug Gordon, has just been promoted to senior portfolio manager. And you know what they say at Russell Investments, don't you? To achieve your goals, you need to do everything well. Well, obviously, our Doug has been doing everything well. / Well done, son! 'You're repeating yourself, boss.' So? 'What was Doug before.' Eh? 'What job did Doug do before?' Oh, er ... senior investment strategist.

I'm so pleased for him. Caspar, the friendly chief investment officer for multi-asset solutions, is pleased as well. Everyone's happy!


And it's the weekend! 'Thursday night?!' Yes, Voice, Thursday night, the start of the weekend. You got a problem with that? 'No.'

Bastard! / Don't bring me down, man. I'm looking forward to the pub tomorrow. The week I've had, I need a couple of pints ...

Oh, later(s), reader(s).