Thursday, 4 June 2015

Austerity cuts?

Oh, what's the point? George Osborne is going to cut £4.5 billion from various government departments to bring the national debt down. Why?! 'That's great, Mikey! Only another £1.5 trillion to cut!' Yes, Voice. At least!

Your George (I never voted for him) is just going to make everyone (but the very richest) miserable for no good reason BECAUSE(!) ... £4.5 billion ain't nothing, man! It won't even be noticed. In fact, we'll probably give another £100 billion or so to any bank that asks for it. 'They always want our money, the banks.' Yeah.

The national debt will be £2 trillion in no time. You wait and see. The only positive thing I can tell you and EVERYONE(!), dear reader(s), is ... we're all going to die one day. 'Oh.' I'm sorry. 'Not really too positive, is it, boss?' It's the best I can do, son.


A couple of hours from now, my friend(s), it will be night. Do me a favour, please. Look at the night sky, all the stars, the vast universe.