Thursday, 11 June 2015

Who is Benjamin Fanger?

Yes, dear reader(s), who is Benny Fanger? 'Er ...' You won't believe! This is Benny Fanger! 'Oh.' Surprised?

Unfortunately, he doesn't have much to say for himself on his LinkedIn profile. He speaks Chinese, and that is all. 'Can't he speak English, boss?' I don't think so, Voice. Just Chinese! 'How strange! Was he brought up in Chinatown in San Francisco?' Yes, he was. Actually, our Benny was an orphan ... abandoned on the streets, and a nice Chinese family took him in. 'Wow! The kindness of strangers, eh?' Yeah. They raised him as their own. And then when he grew up, he founded Shoreline Capital. 'Amazing! Someone should make a film about him.' Well, it's certainly a fascinating story, Voice.

By the way, my lovely reader(s), Shoreline Capital has just closed its third fund - the Shoreline China Value III fund - because too many investors were interested in it. 'Ha! What?!' I know! This is something I'll never understand. I mean, if people want to give you their money, what's the problem, man? Either you're a capitalist or you ain't!

Uh, never mind. Christ! I just - 'Forget it, Mikey. Come on.' No! A lot of these finance types just want to do as little as possible, you know? 'Forget it, Mike. It's Chinatown.'


Oh, I need a drink. Pub tomorrow!

Later(s), crocodile(s)!