Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Firebreak Capital?

Well, well ... / YES! This is what I like to see! A new hedge fund with a cool name. 'Yippee!' By the way, dear reader(s), I normally don't care for all the emails sent to me by PR people. Most of them are irrelevant rubbish. ['Tell me about it. I have to go through them.' I am telling you about it!] But yesterday I received the "Firebreak" email and was excited ... immediately - !!! Despite the break bit. 'Ha! It's the word "Fire", ain't it, boss? You love it! Always gets you going.' Well, it's shamanic, Voice. [Blood and Fire Capital would have been better though.] And it will come as no surprise to YOU(!) ... that - 'Me?!' Them! 'Oh. Right. Them!' Shut up! [Where am I? 'Here!'] As I was saying, it will come as no surprise to YOU(!) ... that Firebreak Capital has been founded by two ex-Goldman Sachs guys, Jonathan Egol (CIO) and Robert Allard (CEO). / ... / NOW(!), I've been going through my archive and it seems that our Jonathan was once a target for the evil ... JACK PICKLES - !!! 'Oh dear. Shit!' Chill, man. It's not a problem, Voice. I was Jack Pickles, remember? 'Ah, of course. In your demonic days!' Yeah. So it's really not a problem. /... / 'Robert Allard? What about him?' Er ... Robert, Robert, my archive suggests he might be a financial shaman, Voice. 'Wow! I wouldn't be surprised if he came up with the name for their hedge fund then.' Maybe. I'm looking at his picture in the email, and he's wearing glasses. 'Oh.' I haven't personally known any shamans who have worn glasses, man. 'You must have!' Well ... [It could be a "Superman" situation. 'Nietzsche?' No, that cretin who flies around all over the place. 'Eh?' Clark Kent. 'Yes, he wears glasses.'] Never mind. The old days ... / But - 'Boss, get this(!!!): the email says Robbie is available to speak to you!' Robbie?! Robbie who?! 'Robert Allard, man. If you want more information.' Ha! If I want more information, son, I'll just break into his consciousness while he's sleeping and help myself, you dig? 'Of course.' Come on, man! I ain't no square fucking journalist with a notepad. 'No, of course not. Uh. Sorry, Mikey. What an idiot I am!' Shorthand, eh? You make me laugh!

Er ... / Oh, one more thing, my dear reader(s): Firebreak Capital hasn't actually been launched yet. 'Ha! Surprise, surprise!' Christ! Give them a chance, Voice. It'll launch later this year. 'Okay.' It's not pie in the sky. 'No?' These guys aren't amateurs. It's going to be a private debt fund. See if you can dig this -

With the rapid evolution in financial services, Firebreak aims to be an alternative balance sheet in the illiquid lending and investment sector, leveraging the emerging disruptive trends in consumer and commercial direct lending, as well as providing private credit, asset-backed and structured finance solutions. Firebreak will prospectively add cutting-edge technology that delivers insight and an efficient approach to its private debt strategy.

'No mention of financial shamanism, boss.' So? They're not going to put it in an email, are they? I mean, I'm not the only one who received it. Plenty of "straights" would have got the email as well. Robbie and Jon don't want to scare people off.

Anyway, that's enough!