Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Omada Capital has given $200 million to Qbasis Invest!!!

And it gets worse! You won't believe this, dear reader(s). WHY?! Just so Qbasis Invest can buy ... a black swan of all things! I mean, I mean ... Unbelievable, eh???!!! / Firstly, why is this black swan so expensive? (Maybe Qbasis is going to get a herd of black swans? I don't know.) Secondly, if Omada Capital has the money to waste on such nonsense - and it does - how about sending a bit of money my way, yeah? Dollars or pounds. I ain't fussy, man. A couple of million, that's all. I'm not greedy like our Flo, you know.

But seriously! Come on, reader(s)! $200 million! The whole world has gone fucking insane!!! / Obviously, I've never heard of these firms. BUT(!) ... Omada Capital is a London-based private wealth manager, if you can believe that. Ha! And, er, by engineering integrated financing solutions and operational expertise, it clearly offers an alternative to the outsized financial service institutions still struggling with inherent conflicts, legacy issues, degenerates, misaligned incentives, and rigid processes. Also, its senior team has long-standing experience of the international capital markets with complementary skills covering equity and debt capital. / And, well ... Qbasis Invest?! Er, yeah, it's a ... hedge fund, Christ(!) ... founded by Florian Wagner in 2005. He's Austrian or something. Never mind. We don't mind, do we?

HOWEVER(!) ... / / / Why this "Florian" character wants or needs a black swan is anyone's guess. I suppose it's nice to have a dream, but why is Omada Capital bankrolling this guy's fantasy? / ... / There's something satanic going on, you mark my words. In the old days, Jack Pickles would have been involved in this. Up to his neck! Fortunately, he doesn't have a neck any more. Our Jack is dead. And he's staying dead! I don't care how much money "they" offer me to bring him back to life. MONEY CAN'T BUY EVERYTHING(!!!). [Flo would do well to read this blog of mine and learn a thing or two, you dig, man? YOU(!), Flo, YOU(!)!!!]


Yes, I'm writing in the night again - for my sins. / Actually, I want to go out tomorrow/today ... in the sunshine! Oh, I'm still in a holiday mood. I want to have fun like ... the Aviva Investors mob. Life is one big holiday for that lot ...

Music? I'm listening to Eno's Apollo. No surprises. We don't want any surprises, do we?